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hey! i didn't know you had a community. and apparently, neither do many people, lol. so hope you don't mind i joined? =) ♥
oh well i still have to officially announce it
cuz i just started it instead of making my graphics journal private
i know, i was just clicking around && found it.
oh well i totally don't mind that you joined :]
do you still want to be affiliates?
sure :)
hey dear, i changed my username to likeglamour, so could you please change the affliates link to that? i'd appreciate it ♥
Hey!! I added your community for my flist!
yayyyyyyyyyyy :D

Deleted comment

thanks hun
i still kept you as an affiliate of course :]
yay! added! hehe :P sorry bout the previous post! ;P
hey im just new to this just lookin 4 people to talk to

write to me
p.s luvd high school musical and yer i know heaps of peeps prob say this to tlk to u but i mean it
Add me? please
sorry i know the message i posted was weak..but i posted a message at ahmunnnaeatchoo
add me? id like to see your work. :]